Education During Covid – How to Help Your Child Cope

COVID-19 has brought on many sudden and intense changes in lifestyles for everyone. Especially affected are students, and their parents. Virtual learning was an unprecedented change in 2020 that has left many feeling overwhelmed, mourning what once was and worried for the future. How can parents cope with their children’s transition to online learning and making the right decision for their own family? Here are a few ways we think you can work through the journey:

Validating Emotions

If you are like millions of other people around the world, you were not planning on becoming a homeschool teacher this year and yet here you are, feeling overwhelmed. Giving yourself and your children the permission to feel the emotions this has caused is important. Validating your emotions can help accept what is happening and proceed forward in the best possible way. This provides comfort and stability to an unstable situation.


This new way of doing things from home can feel hectic and unorganized. Sit down together and create a schedule. This can help you and your child feel more control over what is going on. It also helps children feel stability in their day to day experiences gives them the ability to look forward to what’s coming next.


Teachers have gone above and beyond to provide positive learning experiences for their students. They are learning just the same as everyone else during this time, and the reality is that not every curriculum will work for every child. If you see your child struggling, ask for help from the teacher and see if there is flexibility and room for accommodations that may work better for you and your children. They may learn better doing things a different way while they are learning from home.

 Physical Activity and Socialization

As part of the schedule, make sure there is time for physical activity and socialization. Both of these are key components for everyone’s mental health and wellness. Setting aside time to go outside, practice yoga, or even just dance around helps boost endorphins and improves the day. Socialization is equally important. Include time for phone calls, video chats or letter writing to keep up with friends and family. This can help you and your children feel connected even while social distancing and learning from home.

 Your Own Self Care

Remember that you can’t take care of anyone until you take care of yourself. Make sure you are setting aside breaks for yourself, keeping a check on your mental well being and allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and confused at this time. Think about reaching out to other parents for support, you are not alone.

While this year has brought changes that none of us could have expected, we are all working through this together. For more resources or support, please visit SMHWI.com or call us today at (480) 508-0882 to schedule an appointment virtually or in person.

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