Coping With Depression in Relationships

Depression happens across each state and across the entire county. It was found that Arizona came tenth in the United States with depression affecting 3,391 people. Strong healthy relationships have the potential to help us through many difficult situations. Having healthy relationships can be a big influence on whether a person becomes depressed or not.

Conversely, evidence suggests that people in troubled relationships are three times as likely to experience depression, as those who aren’t. Unhappy or unsupportive relationships are a risk factor for depression. Some surveys have found that over 60% of those with depression consider relationship problems to be the main cause of their illness.

Struggling with depression can make it difficult to maintain a supportive and fulfilling relationship. If your partner is suffering from depression, they may be overwhelmed by the symptoms they are feeling, finding it hard to communicate or having little to no energy. This can in turn make your partner feel as if they are a burden to those around them. Helping your partner in this time is crucial and you can use techniques such as timelines, to look at the positive and negative events, identifying where the depression first started to come into the relationship.

Externalizing, and detaching the condition from the person so you can see the depression as the problem, not the person who is suffering from it, is so important. The idea is to help your loved one see it as a separate entity rather it being a personality flaw. Open communication is essential. When you see your loved one suffering encourage them to talk openly about what is going on and how they are feeling. Making sure that you and your partner are both able to communicate about what you are feeling and how you will work as a team to get through this hard time is the goal. Letting your partner know this is just a bump in the road and that together the two of you will get through this will help will provide reassurance that progress is possible.

Author: Kyra Coates, Practice Administrator

Our Practice administrator, Kyra Coates comes to SMHWI with six years in the medical background. While working in medical hospitals and clinics, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Kyra combines her education with personal hands-on experience. With a passion for day-to-day operations of the practice and the management side of the successful programs offered at SMHWI. With this Kyra brings compassion and understanding to the patients and the employees.

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