Depression can get in the way of living a fulfilling life, but this common mental health condition can be effectively treated. Depression can involve unique root causes and symptoms that can look highly different depending on the individual. Therefore, when finding a depression treatment center in Arizona, it is important to look for treatment options that focus on creating a custom strategy to help.

At Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness Institute (SMHWI), we utilize varied methodologies for clinical depression treatment. Each treatment plan is devised depending on the needs of the patient and assessing their symptoms. A treatment strategy may involve everything from mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Because depression can be so unique to the individual, a one-size-fits-all plan is not effective. Further, multiple treatment methodologies may be combined to achieve the best possible outcome. The assigned depression psychiatrist and therapists at SMHWI determine what therapies and medications will create the most suitable path to recovery for you.

What Depression Is and How It Can Affect Someone’s Life

Depression, which is referred to clinically as major depressive disorder, is a serious mental health condition that affects roughly 1 in 15 adults. The condition is characterized by persistent or intermittent sadness and depressed mood. Depression can alter how you think and how you feel, as well as how you act or interact when in social situations. You may experience:

  • A loss of interest in aspects of life that you once found enjoyable
  • Lacking energy or excessive fatigue
  • Difficulty making decisions, concentrating and avoiding intrusive depressed thoughts
  • Thoughts of suicide or dying
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Weight loss or gain due to appetite changes
  • Slowed speaking or physical movements
  • Changes in sleep
  • Physical symptoms, such as headaches or body aches

Depression can affect every aspect of life since symptoms can be so vast. Individuals often struggle with job performance or managing daily responsibilities or tasks. The condition can interfere with personal relationships because people around you may not understand the changes in your overall demeanor. Additionally, it is not uncommon for depressed individuals to be easily agitated or irritable or have angry outbursts over small things, which can affect how they interact with others. Depression can also affect daily activities and responsibilities because you may even experience physical symptoms that hold you back.

What You Learn During Depression Treatment at SMHWI That Can Help

During major depressive disorder treatment at SMHWI, you will learn a number of skills to help with emotional challenges that can feed depression. You will be exposed to different levels of severe depression treatment to help you find out how to:

  • Manage stress effectively
  • Transform feelings of shame into a sense of resiliency
  • Practice mindfulness and develop a stronger sense of self
  • Work through feelings related to loss and grief
  • Express frustration or anger in a productive, healthy way
  • Identify triggers and prevent setbacks or relapse

Why Trust SMHWI for Depression Treatment in Arizona

SMHWI is one of the most trusted centers for depression treatment that Arizona has to offer. With years in the field, the psychiatrists at SMHWI have a keen sense of compassion for every individual, but also upstanding clinical knowledge of effective treatment for depression. SMHWI offers both remote treatment with an online psychiatrist and in-person appointments at the office. Our in-person treatment is an intensive outpatient program, which means patients do not have to stay overnight for treatment.

If you believe you are struggling with depression, it is imperative to speak to someone who can help right away. Contact us at SMHWI to discuss which treatment plan could work best for you.