The clinical team at Scottsdale Mental Health & Wellness Institute (SMHWI) has developed an innovative online DUI program that incorporates both CBT, DBT, and various exercises which go well beyond just the typical DUI education program. Utilizing the skills of licensed professional counselors, they have created a curriculum that includes both video, downloadable educational materials, and an interactive forum to provide responses to educational materials presented.

The SMHWI team has taken the time to create a program that is beneficial to the emotional growth of participants who have been charged with a DUI. The DUI program has four different courses which vary in length and are assigned to DUI offenders based on the initial clinical evaluation.The 16 hour course focuses on the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol/substances and how substances impair people’s driving ability. In addition, the course focuses on the legal penalties and consequences of a DUI. Because a DUI offense can cause considerable distress and disruption in the lives of offenders, the program focuses on addressing many of those issues which include shame, embarrassment and guilt, to name a few.

Some DUI offenders have more progressed or more serious consequences from their alcohol and substance use which require additional education, intervention, and therapy through our 36, 46, and 56-hour courses. The initial treatment screening tools determine which length of educational programming is assigned. The extended educational programs are more oriented to an evaluation of the DUI offender’s alcohol and substance use history and how to find resources and treatment to find recovery.

Both of the presenters will guide you through exercises that address, self-honesty, self-esteem, communication, managing change, and many more.

Through the course, you will be able to clearly assess your patterns with drinking and substance use and be able to develop a recovery plan to improve your life. The course will help you evaluate different recovery treatment resources and help you develop a detailed aftercare plan for yourself.

The SMHWI DUI program is approved by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. Our treatment team will submit your initial recommendations to the AZDMV and then once the recommendations are completed, will send the results to the AZDMV.

The process all starts with completing the initial evaluation and being assigned to one of the DUI Courses. Feel free to contact us to discuss the program and have us answer any of your questions. Learn more by visiting www.smhwi.com/dui-program/ or call 480-508-0882.

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