Suboxone Program – Suboxone doctors

Intake evaluation: SMHWI is the leading medical opioid treatment center in Scottsdale. We will complete a medical and mental health assessment, including a detailed substance use history. During this assessment, the suboxone doctors will be explaining the pros and cons of the medication and outline the expectation and duration of the treatment. This appointment at our suboxone clinic is typically one hour long. If and when appropriate, the client will leave the office with an order for a drug screen and other laboratory tests as deemed necessary. When applicable, the client may leave the office with a prescription for Suboxone.

First Follow-Up Appointment: This appointment is set up with-in 7 days after the intake evaluation. During this assessment, the provider and the client discuss the effectiveness of the prescribed Suboxone and address the dosage of the medication.

Stabilization: At the very least, the next four appointments will be scheduled on a weekly bases to stabilize the prescribed medication further to achieve stabilization and maintenance. Drug screens are done at random times, including between office visits, which may be ordered by phone.

Maintenance: Once the Suboxone dose stabilized, the clients monitored on bi-weekly bases with drug screens at every visit. This phase includes individual and group counseling at outside facilities (signatures from providers confirming regular attendance is required).