Geriatric Psychiatry

Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness Institute (SMHWI) nationally certified geriatric psychiatrists are experts in the area of diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders that affect older adults.

Our highly trained geriatric psychiatrists focus on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health disorders that affect people late in life. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress of social situations, emotional and physical changes, cognitive decline, thought disorders and more are addressed.

Improving quality of life

SMHWI geriatric psychiatrists’ approach to the treatment of older adults and their families is holistic and comprehensive. We address the complexity of medical, social, familial and environmental issues that are primary psychiatric disturbances of older age. Our compassionate psychiatric care and treatment of mental and emotional disorders improve quality of life for healthy and ill elderly patients.

Geriatric Telepsychiatry

While you may think telepsychiatry is reserved for younger people, substantial evidence shows geriatric telepsychiatry outcomes have been positive. A variety of disorders have been effectively treated in the older population. Depression, anxiety, dementia, cognitive impairment, and other difficult behavioral problems can be treated using this technology in select patients.

Based on in-person meetings and evaluations, we can advise whether telepsychiatry can be part of or perhaps even all of their treatment plan. For patients that suffer without access to care, this is a very efficient way to deliver specialty expertise to them.

Contact SMHWI for Geriatric Psychiatry

At Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness Institute, we work together with geriatric patients and their families to provide first-class compassionate and effective treatment and therapy.

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression or any of the other mental disorders that often come with old age, please contact us now. Our multidisciplinary approach to geriatric psychiatry has a full range of treatment methods and techniques to address your issues.