Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Providers at SMHWI specialize in the treatment of mental and emotional injuries that occur as a result of a work-related injury. Such injuries may force workers to take time off work or cause workers loss of productivity. Work-related injuries may be physical, maybe mental, but most times are a combination of physical and mental injury. With the help of our workers’ compensation psychiatrists in Arizona, you or a loved one can start on the road to good health and productivity.

A number of studies identified that when injured workers are dealing with elevated and untreated depression or anxiety, in addition to their physical injuries, their duration of the impairment is longer. With appropriate psychotherapy and medications, return to the baseline level of functioning is greatly reduced.

Our goal is to identify these psychiatric triggers and symptoms, address them, and return people back to their social, occupational and interpersonal levels of functioning.

Supporting Those Suffering From Mental Injuries

Workers who suffer from mental conditions brought about by injuries at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation for therapy. After suffering a psychological injury, a workers’ compensation claim can be successful only if it can be clinically proven that the working conditions were to blame for the injury or illness.

There does not need to be a physical injury for the patient to use workers’ compensation for a psychiatric evaluation or treatment — as long as work has been found to be the cause. This includes conditions such as anxiety or depression caused by stress at work.

Providing Treatment for Psychological Injuries

SMHWI works with each patient to develop an individualized plan for his or her care. If you or someone you care about is entitled to therapy through workers’ comp, our psychiatrists will provide treatment for a wide range of mental health issues. We follow a proven approach based on the experience and expertise of our qualified and certified psychiatrist founders.

If you would like to learn more about our in-person or online treatment options, reach out and connect with one of our representatives today.