Be seen by an SMHWI Psychiatrist anywhere in Arizona without leaving home!

If you are looking for a consultation with a mental health professional but are unable to find one close to your home in Arizona, tele-psychiatry is the solution.

Scottsdale Mental Health and Wellness can provide patients with an online psychiatrist in Arizona to deliver effective treatments for mental health concerns even if they are in rural areas or places far from Scottsdale and Metro Phoenix. You can meet regularly with an SMHWI Telehealth Psychiatrist in your home or wherever you have Internet access. Whether you need treatment for general mental health disorder or chemical dependency, you can meet with one of our psychiatrists online from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Tele-Psychiatry Through SMHWI

Seeing a mental health counselor online can provide you with the help you need along with a host of other benefits. For example, receiving psychiatric online services means you won’t have to travel long distances to see the professional who best suits your needs. You can experience faster diagnosis and treatment than you would while waiting for in-office availability. These types of services also cater to individuals who suffer from mobility limitations and would be unable or unwilling to make an office visit.

You’ll also have more flexibility to adjust your treatment plan if circumstances change or there is an emergency. Overall, it saves you time and reduces the risk of missed or cancelled appointments. These are just a few of the reasons why choosing to see a mental health professional online can be a good idea.

We are equipped with the latest infrastructure and communication devices using the latest HIPPA compliant software to interact and consult with you privately and securely. Our mental health professionals have extensive expertise in using telepsychiatry to provide a mental health assessment online.

Our tele-psychiatry solution is a convenient, affordable a readily-accessible mental health service. Contact us today and schedule a talk with one of our mental health professionals and see how to begin. We provide services for kids as well as for older adults.

Not all insurance companies will reimburse you for Telepsychiatry costs. Check with your insurance provider to see what their policy is regarding this important service for your well being.